About ArLiJo

Robert Giron

Arlington Literary Journal, an e-journal also known as ArLiJo, is located in Arlington, Virginia and is sponsored by Gival Press.

The intent of ArLiJo is to feature a variety of authors/poets/artists from around the globe whose work provokes readers to contemplate issues, etc.

The work chosen promotes understanding and sensitivity across borders, even if initially the work may cause one to take a double-take.

Editor-in-Chief, Robert L. Giron


Special Issues


Access each issue by clicking on the Issue No. (scroll downward to Issue No. 1).

Please note that publication in ArLiJo is by invitation only.

Any work published shall remain the property of the author/poet/artist and for any previously published work to appear the author/poet/artist must still retain the copyright of the work. Please note that ArLiJo is an ejournal.

Payment for publication is a book from a selection of books listed below which have been published by Gival Press.

Books Available
to ArLiJo Contributors

Sexy Liberal! Of Me I Sing
by Stephanie Miller

Dream of Another America
by Tyler McMahon

Ghost Horse
by Thomas H. McNeely

Mayhem: Three Lives of a Woman
by Elizabeth Harris

Show Up, Look Good
by Mark Wisniewski

That Demon Life
by Lowell Mick White

Twelve Rivers of the Body
by Elizabeth Oness

The Cannibal of Guadalajara
by David Winner

The Best of Gival Press Short Stories
ed. by Robert L. Giron

The Second Act
by Tim Brown

Barrow’s Point
by Robert Schirmer

Poetic Voices Without Borders
ed by Robert L. Giron

On the Altar of Greece
by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Poetic Voices Without Borders 2
ed by Robert L. Giron

Songs for the Spirit
by Robert L. Giron

On the Tongue
by Jeff Mann

Bones Washed With Wine
by Jeff Mann

The Great Canopy
by Paula Goldman

Sweet to Burn
by Beverly Burch

by Gregg Shapiro

by Richard Carr

12 Sonnets for the Zodiac
by John Gosslee

Adamah: Poème
by Celine Zins