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Issue 81 — Amanda Bellatin, Layth Jamal, Sashalee Swaby

Amanda Bellatin

Trump and Immigration Reform


As we all know the presidential elections will be next year and we all have our doubts about whom to vote for after having Barack Obama as president for the past seven years. Have you made up your mind yet? Or don‘t you know enough information about the presidential candidates? I hope after reading this you will know a little bit more about one of them. I am pretty sure a lot of us have seen Donald Trump lately on TV, in newspapers or even heard about him on the radio, am I right? But who is Donald Trump? What does he want for the United States of America? Will he be a good leader if elected?

Donald John Trump, age 69, was born and raised in New York City. He is a Republican, an author, and an American real estate developer. In June 2015 he announced his candidacy for president and he hopes to win the Republican nomination for the next presidential election in 2016 with the slogan ”We are going to make our country great again”. He has some ideas to “make America great” and one of those ideas is called immigration reform. This presidential candidate believes that immigrants’ needs are more important than Americans’ nowadays and he doesn’t think that’s correct. As Donald Trump’s official website tells us, there are three important principles of the immigration reform: “A nation without borders is not a nation;” “a nation without laws is not a nation;” and “a nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation.” In other words, Donald Trump wants to place a wall across the southern border so Mexicans will not cross it and enter the United States as illegal immigrants. He also wants to enforce some laws in the American Constitution, especially the Second Amendment, for the benefit of Americans, and he wants to improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans because he believes immigrants are taking this right away from American citizens.

This presidential candidate surely wants to give Americans a better living that’s why he wants more job opportunities for American citizens and he wants a reform that will hire Americans first. But why is he proposing things such as “detention—not catch-and-release” which is sending immigrants back home if they jump the border, or “enhanced penalties for overstaying a visa,” or even “end birthright citizenship” when this law has been part of the United States since 1868? Why does he want to change it now? I understand that he wants better opportunities for American citizens, but how does the birthright citizenship affect current Americans? Or how is hiring a Latino going to kill the American rights? Some people embrace Donald Trump because they have the same beliefs about immigrants, but if you ask me for my opinion, I completely disagree with him.

Donald Trump has gained a lot of popularity in the United States lately because of his unusual behavior against immigrants. Presidents in the past couple decades have been so accepting of immigrants and minorities. So why is Donald Trump trying to ruin this progress and go back to what it was before? I understand that he wants to make a better country for Americans but why can’t he do that by including minorities as well? I believe he gained his popularity because some people are in favor of this type of candidacy but some are not, so this has caused a debate about him. Social media talk about the immigration reform, newspapers talk about how people refuse to vote for him, and TV shows us his interviews and speeches about why we should vote for him. This is all a little bit confusing, right? Everybody has a different point of view about Trump and we should respect everybody’s opinion. Yet having people in favor and people against him has made his popularity go up because everybody has something to say.

In conclusion, Donald John Trump is trying to make the United States a better country by limiting immigrants in it. I believe that a country with different nationalities and different cultures and traditions makes it a better one. We all learn about each other even if we are from different cultures. Trump wants to prevent this from happening by kicking out immigrants and prohibiting their entrance. I believe that a good presidential candidate is one who accepts people of all ethnicities and wants the country to be a multicultural place, which it already is.

Copyright © 2015 by Amanda Bellatin.


Amanda Bellatin, a student at Montgomery College in Takoma Park/Silver Spring, was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Without knowing any English she moved to the US three years ago. She is currently studying to become a creative director. She enjoys reading and outdoor activities.

Layth Jamal

Donald Trump’s Presidential Election


The United States of America needs someone who has a clear understanding of how the economy works and how to improve it, and I believe Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for that role. Even though the US economy is steadily improving, it still needs more. The US is known for being the most powerful country on the planet, however, it is not number one financially. I believe Donald Trump can make that happen because he is a very successful businessman worldwide, and he has worked with all kinds of people and knows what the US needs to keep improving through its people.

Donald Trump, a worldwide businessman and owner of many companies worldwide, is one of the richest people on the planet, which is why he‘d make a great president because he knows how the world operates and knows what it takes to become successful. I believe he‘ll be able to provide the right opportunities for the people of this nation by creating more jobs and lowering the tax rate, if elected. Another reason he‘d make a great president is that he‘s obviously not in it for the money because he‘s got it in abundance, so it‘s true when he says he‘s intending to become president to bring this country to a number one status. Donald Trump is trying to give back to the US, the country that made him who he is, a country that can make people go from zero to hero, and Donald Trump is a perfect example of what this country can provide people if they work hard and pursue their goals.

Donald Trump has been both heavily criticized and praised by some people regarding his statements about immigration and the immigrants themselves. A lot of people are forgetting that Donald Trump is only addressing the illegal immigrants who are coming into the US and the ones who are living in the US illegally. Illegal immigrants come and work in the US without paying taxes so that‘s the reason Donald Trump is making such statements because how can a country like the US operate without tax revenue? Many people are praising Donald Trump because he‘s making valid statements about immigration in the US. One of the valid statements Donald Trump made was that this country needs to reduce the amount of immigrants coming into the US so the financial state of the Americans themselves can improve. The percentage of the unemployment rate in the US keeps rising because many immigrants are coming in and taking over the jobs that the citizens of America really need to improve their lives, even though some of these jobs might be farm work, cleaning, and construction.

In sum, the United States of America needs a person who knows how to do business and can improve its economy so it could compete with leading superpowers financially. Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for that role because he‘s a worldwide successful businessman who knows how the economy works and has worked with all different kinds of people, so he knows how they live and what they need. Donald Trump is also a self-made billionaire, so he‘s a perfect example of what people can become in this great nation if they work hard and pursue their goals.

Copyright ©2015 by Layth Jamal.


Layth Jamal, from Baghdad, Iraq, is a current student at Montgomery College in Takoma Park/Silver Spring and wants to pursue a doctorate degree in pharmacology.

Sashalee Swaby

Should Trump Retract His Statement Against Immigrants?


For the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump‘s intention is to win the Republican nomination to become the next president of the United States. His purpose of becoming the next president is to amend the laws of immigration. Donald Trump, like many other born-Americans, might not consider the purpose and reasons many people migrate to the United States. Donald Trump might believe that immigrants get too many privileges being in the United States of America, thereby, leading him to fabricate statements against immigrants, which I strongly disagree with. Unlike me, people born in America might support Trump‘s statement against immigrants and proliferate his popularity due to their lack of respect for immigrants.

Immigrants of the United States are usually people who are looking for better opportunities in order to become an elite member of society. This country is known for the many privileges and opportunities available to aid residents to reach greatness in accomplishing the American dream. Some immigrants come here with the intention of taking advantage of those opportunities in order to be a hero for their family, an inspiration to a community back home and a respected citizen of society. Donald Trump and others may not know this because there are immigrants who are or become drug dealers, criminals, rapists and other wrongdoers who cause trouble which makes it unfortunate for others. He might consider retracting his statement if he knew of the many hardworking, ambitious immigrants who do come to this country, with good intentions unless he believes "the good have to suffer for the bad." Having seen and been among immigrants who do not want to create anything positive for themselves, Trump‘s supporters who have seen this happen probably focus on this, and therefore support his statements.

More than likely, Americans who are unable to relate to immigrant families might not know or understand the previous living conditions many immigrants experience in their homeland. If Donald Trump and his supporters of his anti-immigrant statement had family members of another country migrating to the United States due to poverty, danger and violence, then they might take back such sentiments and show immigrants empathy. Immigrants from India, Africa and other foreign countries may have had to suffer from diseases due to uncleanliness and starvation while others were forced to get into gun violence and other unlawful things. Seeing that their only seed of hope lies in America, they took the chance to come to America because they want better lives. It is without doubt that Trump and his supporters would better understand the reason for immigration if they knew how hard life can be abroad, especially in poor regions of the world.

Born-Americans might think it is unfair for immigrants to be given the same opportunities as they have, but they may not understand the difference between the people who work hard and succeed and those who choose not to work hard and do not succeed. Making use of the opportunities being given to others in the US is the root of people‘s success, whether they are immigrants or not. What is unfair is that some people are selfish enough to sabotage the lives of others to make themselves feel more accomplished. If American citizens think it's unfair for immigrants to do well while they themselves are not doing well, then they should take a different approach in elevating themselves.

In conclusion, Donald Trump‘s statement may be supported due to lack of awareness about ambitious immigrants, favoritism and lack of strong family relationships. His popularity is increasing due to the common opinion of others for similar reasons as Trump's. Supporters might have experienced situations with immigrants who are not very decent, and this might have given people an unpleasant impression of immigrants in general which leads them to endorse Trump‘s statements about immigrants.

Copyright ©2015 by Sashalee Swaby.


Sashalee Swaby is a Jamaican student who‘s currently enrolled in Montgomery College in Takoma Park/Silver Spring and is majoring in biochemistry. She was mostly educated in Kingston, Jamaica and continued her high school education at High Point High School where she graduated with a 3.3 GPA. She plans to pursue a medical career in pediatrics and wants to one day write a book about her journey as the matriarch of her family. She enjoys amusing her peers and helping others to realize their full potential. She considers herself to be a thinker, doer, and a leader.

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