• Robert L. Giron

Issue 53 — Khine Bonner, Nicholas Leonard

Khine Bonner

Winner of the 2012 Ventura Valdez Spanish Poetry Award

Mi Ciudad

Mi amor


Y vivo

Que abarca callejones

Su rosa hormigón

el anochecer de un amanecer

Mi amor

Encendio un fuego

Mi amor

Mi corazon

Una sombra gris

Persiste la noche

calles abarrotadas

ojos angustiados

sueños robados

edificios destrozados

Mi amor

Mi corazon

Mi ciudad

Copyright © 2012 by Khine Bonner.

The Ventura Valdez Poetry Contest for students (present/past) of Montgomery College is sponsored by Gival Press.

Nicholas Leonard

Winner of the 2012 Ventura Valdez English Poetry Award

Song for Humanity

Tonight the gathered crowd is mourning,

in remembrance crying out,

for those forgotten – unimportant,

speaking for the voiceless.

Following the sun,

the light is always visible,

even at the darkest moment

revealing what is hidden.

Bodies trampled over and burned,

hushed and anxious whispers.

Nagging warnings unheeded,

tragic ruin the only result.

Following the sun,

for the light never dies.

The strength of joining, fusion

much stronger than separation.

The mass grave is a harvest,

a careless space in time,

with all respect abolished,

we desecrate the past.

Following the sun,

nourishing all life.

Enshrouded in distortion,

still shines in reflection.

A bitter tear for the lost,

those untouched by corruption.

Innocence like a delicate leaf,

untarnished by vile acts.

Following the sun,

unbending to conditions.

A churning mass of elements,

that never wavers in might.

The smoldering desert before us,

Sears pangs of remorse in our chests.

With full knowledge of what we do,

forced to watch, unable to stop.

Copyright © 2012 by Nicholas Leonard.

The Ventura Valdez Poetry Contest for students (present/past) of Montgomery College is sponsored by Gival Press.

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