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Issue 56 — James Gardner, Mitch Grabois, Bruce Spang

James Gardner

Photography by James Gardner

Little Pond at Widelake

Copyright © 2012 by James Gardner. All rights reserved.

C&O Canal at Old Angler's Inn

Copyright © 2012 by James Gardner. All rights reserved.

Harper's Ferry, Dawn

Copyright © 2012 by James Gardner. All rights reserved.


James Gardner has served the Washington, D.C., community as a photographer since locating here from Irvington-on-Hudson, New York, in 1984. His photography assignments have taken him all over the United States, Canada, and Germany. Prior to this, he worked as a writer and editor. A pilot, a published author, and an avid guitarist, Gardner loves Corgis.

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Mitch Grabois

The Crisis of Global Warming Solved

Capture an asteroid

say, Ganymed

286 million-billion pounds

and push it to Lagrange Point L1

the spot where the gravitational pull of the sun

and the earth

cancel each other out

Run an engine

to spew out a cloud of dust,

anchored by Ganymed’s gravity,

which will block sunlight

and cool the Earth


The crisis of global warming solved

No more fussing

Industrial progress can proceed

Full speed ahead!

Copyright © 2012 by Mitch Grabois.


Mitch Grabois’ poetry and short fiction have appeared in nearly seventy literary magazines, most recently The Examined Life, Memoir Journal, Out of Our and Turbulence Magazine (England). His novel, Two-Headed Dog was published by Dirt e-books, founded by NY agent Gary Heidt.

Bruce Spang


3 am you will wake

a crevasse of light that’s all

from your room

your feet creep down the stairs

daily meditations

smell of coffee

near black of morning

when I wake hours later

the driveway this December morning

will be shoveled— it snowed all night—

there is quiet

caressing rooms

one light in the dining room

you are gone the tracks from your car

covered already

rooms eerily empty

bunny in his cage

his large eyes alert

for lettuce nestled in

shredded newspaper with news

from the summer last

on the side table

a cup of coffee one sip left

as if it’s expecting you’ll be back

you will come back

while I’m in the shower

will cut the grapefruit and an apple

fit them in a bowl together snug

when I come down the stairs

I will see you in the lounge chair reading

Good morning you say

and before I know it it is

Copyright © 2012 by Bruce Spang.


Bruce Spang, poet laureate of Portland, teaches American literature at Scarborough High School. His most recent creative endeavor involved writing the libretto for The White Rose, an opera about the gay man murdered by 3 high school boys in Bangor. He is working on several other projects at once, writing a novel, putting together a collection of Maine gay poetry, and researching a book on putting the art back in language arts—a book on how to merge teaching the craft of writing as a way to teach literature. He is author of To the Promised Land Grocery (Moon Pie Press, 2008), I Have Walked though Many Lives: Young Voices—Scarborough (Moon Pie, Press 2009) and The Knot, (Snow Drift Press, 2005), Tip End of Time (Snow Drift Press, 2004). He has published four books on drug and alcohol education in the schools along with several articles in major magazines. He has worked in the Scarborough School Department for nearly two decades, teaching creative writing for the past eight years. He brought Baron Wormser to Scarborough to teach teachers how to teach poetry in the classroom. Each year, students in his classes have won major prizes in local and state contests.

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